Diffusing Essential Oils

Environmental fragrancing - is the therapeutic use of Essential Oils in your home or business to clean the air you breathe of bacteria and to fill your environment with the calming-relaxing effect Essential Oils are known for.
      You will not only feel more relaxed and calm, but oil blends can also be invigorating and uplifting. The key is that essential oils relieve heightened stresses, allowing you to reclaim physical and emotional strength.

Physical Benefits: Inhaling Essenital Oils allows you to exchange Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide more efficiently. This increases the level of oxygen to your lungs and blood stream.

Pyscho-Emotional Benefits: Your sense of smell is the only sense that provides a direct channel to the brain, directly affecting your central nervous sytem and modifying the brains responses. Essential Oils stimulate the thalamus to secrete neuro chemicals that produce a general feeling of well-being.
      From a purly enjoyment factor essential oils transform a home. They create an environment that feels clean, relaxing, fresh, more interesting and inviting. And if you fancy you can diffuse exotic blends of different regions from all over the world such as India, Thaliand, Europe or blends that remind you of forests, an orange blossom grove or a pastoral field. Reputable and qualified aroma therapists such as Gudi's Aromatherapy also create specific blends that are beneficial and safe for indiviuals with poor health and debilities, children and infants.

How To Diffuse Essential Oil Blends:

Note: Using a diffuser with a larger bowl will require less maintenance (having to replenish the evaporated water in the bowl).

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